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Play within Da Vinci's mindscape, attempting to free all the creatures who are enslaved to the machines. 

The Vitruvian Man is ensnared in a flying suit, and the Armoured Car holds a beast frightening but kind. 

Creature Saviour is a 2D side-scrolling game (endless runner) based off the game Moon Patrol and inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci's artstyle and life. He was renowned for creating contraptions, and within the game you both play in one and release harmless creatures from some. This relates back to Da Vinci's habit of purchasing caged birds and setting them free. 


W - float up

A - move left

D - move right

Spacebar - Wind Gust projectile.

Install instructions

Download the zip file

Extract the files

Click on the Unity Build Application

Choose your resolution and hit play!


Jenna Bramham - Creature Saviour - 2018.02.27.zip 108 kB

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